‘Night Crawler’ Review

'Night Crawler' Review

Ryan Day, Staff Writer

Nightcrawler has arrived, and it’s filming, acting, and plot may make it one of the best thrillers of the year. The synergy of Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting and his role in the movie is what really made the plot and the character work so well. Some of the filming in “Nightcrawler” was quite graphic and most of the shots are so realistic the viewer may would actually think that the movie was real life.
In “Nightcrawler”, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a slick thief that slowly spirals into insanity. He does whatever he has to so he can have things his way.

This thriller is fast-paced and brings a more dark and sinister point of view to the world of journalism. When the movie starts the exposition and overall feel for what the main character is thinking is vague, but clears overtime.

The special effects in “Nightcrawler” are superb. For sound effects, the explosions have a strong bass and the gunshots have an echo effect. The graphics were fantastic, in a chase scene the camera provided unique angles that increased the excitement and some of the explosions, wounds, and high mobility scenes were captured resembling that of an actual car chase.

The entire “Nightcrawler” cast’s were great and synergized well with the difficult role of the characters that they took on. Jake Gyllenhaal, Renee Russo, and Riz Ahmed played their characters well; “Nightcrawler” comes with many twists, particularly the character development of the main character, Lou Bloom, Lou Bloom manages to manipulative and charismatic while spiraling into insanity. Moviegoers who enjoy thought provoking thrillers with great and fast paced non-stop action will love this film.