WHS Pumpkin Carving Contest

Noah Fouts, Staff Writer

Pumpkins are in season and the annual WHS pumpkin carving contest is here. This is the third year of the pumpkin contest at Wellington High. Many students look forward to this contest and have participated in it every year. Students enter to win using only their creativity and a pumpkin. Most of all, it’s about having fun, laughs, in an easy going competition to express one’s creativity.


It comes at the perfect time of year because nothing is better than a pumpkin to carve, especially when fall is here.


“I love to do art and this contest seems like a good challenge because you only get to do it once a year,” Shelby Cochrane sophomore said.


This is also Shelby’s 2nd year competing. Many themes have hit the drawing board from the Walking Dead to a tradition pumpkin face. Mrs. Brown, art teacher at Wellington High, is in charge of this event..


Three judges will be judging the pumpkins. Last year’s winner had a GTAV logo carved into the pumpkin. Multiple awards go out because there are winners in different categories. For example some categories from last year where Most Scary and Tween. Following the scary theme, Madeleine Venere, a junior, is doing the famous character Saw from the movies. She also competed last year.


“I do this contest just for fun and I like doing art,” Madeleine Venere, junior, said.


The competitors have the option to carve their pumpkins during lunch in the art room or they can do it at home and bring them on Friday. Paige Cousley, a sophomore is doing her pumpkin as a Galaxy theme.


“I was absent last year and am glad I got the chance to do it this year,” Paige Cousley, sophomore, said.


This contest has only been going on for three years it has left an imprint on Wellington and some students look forward to its return every year. The PCA went to Shelby Cochrane for doing ‘The Walking Dead”, which was also the judges first place choice. The judges second place award went to “Frankenstien” by Erika Smith. The honorable mention went to Galaxy Pumpkin by Sqnq Suchedina.