Singing With the Choir

Desirae Merritt, Staff Writer

The Wellington High chorus classes held their first concert featuring Wellington Landings two chorus groups on Monday the 13th.

There are three individual classes that perform separately. Each group performed two songs for the attending families and friends. The Concert Chorus sang a piece called “Three Ravens” and an arrangement of the song “When Jesus Wept”, Chamber Chorus performed “And so it Goes”, an arrangement of a Billy Joel song, and “Lead me On”, and Women’s Chorus sang “Benedictus” and “Allelujah”.

The groups have been working on their pieces since the beginning of the year for the small concert. They learn how to harmonize and work hard together.

“I’m proud of everyone and how it turned out.” Mr. Chase, chorus teacher, said.

Chorus has become an influential part of some students’ lives and some have made great sacrifices to be a part of the experience.

“I enjoy it a lot, it builds a sense of community with like minded people who are there to create something beautiful,” Jared Brock, senior, stated. “I gave up living with my family to stay here for chorus.”

The classes are currently working together for their next concert in November. They will be learning new, and more difficult songs and are expected to be much improved.

“My expectations are that everyone will work hard and continue to improve.” Mr. Chase said when asked about the next concert.

The classes are hoping to have a great turn out and ticket sales with offset travel expenses for performances and workshops at Disney.