Top Pixar Movies

Top Pixar Movies

Noah Fouts, Staff Writer

Pixar movies are by far the best animation movies that we all watched as a kid. Many have good morals and hidden meaning that makes the movie that much better. The top ten in the box office gross are the following:

1.Toy Story 3
2.Finding Nemo
4.Monsters University
5.The Incredibles
6.Monsters Inc.
7.Toy Story 2

Kids start out, and continue watching, Pixar movies all the way through adult hood. Pixar pulls people in by their fun personified character traits. Most of Pixar’s movies create an atmosphere that viewers such as children, don’t want to walk away from. Some of the movies convey subliminal messages whose meanings may have become clearer to a child as he matures to adolescent.

Glen Daniels, freshman, said, “Monsters University had a great story line and plot.”

He continued to talk about his favorite part of the movie, when the monsters went to the frat party at the most popular house. This is exactly what Pixar wants; they want the viewers to relate the fantasy film back to real life.

When an audience is told to think of Pixar, a memorable character or a movie pops into their brain.

When Max Brown, freshman, was asked his favorite character, he stated, “Russell off of UP because he is funny and driven.”

This character was a boy trying to earn badges for Wilderness Explorers. He has many adventurous, memorable, and humorous experiences. Pixar is who they are today by their characters. Without them there would be no brand. Most little kids have to have something to remember to say they enjoyed the experience. Pixar takes that into consideration every time a new character is produced. Characters have to have traits to be remembered by, and Pixar offers plenty for each character from physical features to the way they talk.

Pixar’s target audience is younger kids and has great movies and characters that can be described in one to two words. While some may not remember a name, they can easily describe something special about a character. Pixar wants movies to be memorable. Some of the new Pixar movies that are about to be released are:
Finding Dory (June 17, 2016)

Inside Out (June 19, 2015)
Good Dinosaur (November 25, 2015)