Maze Runner Book Seems to Overpower the Movie


Adrianna Castro, Staff Writer

Maze Runner, the well known book by James Dashner, came out as a movie with a boom, zooming to the top of the office charts. This book is one of the summer reading book require-ments needed for those individuals entering their freshman year of high school.

Because the Maze Runner is a required book to read in many schools for the upcoming
freshman students became curios whether the movie would be as good.

“In my opinion, the movie was amazing. I was very impressed on how similar the book was compared to the movie. I am going to go watch it for the second time tomorrow. Both the movie and the book held my attention,” Andrea Estevez, senior, said.

There are two sides of the story. Some enjoyed the movie, while others begged to differ.

“Both the movie and the book confused me. I wouldn’t bother seeing it again. I was forced to read the book for school. I was uninterested in the genre of the book,” Kayla Munsteiger, freshman, said.

Conflicting opinions about the movie definitely seem to depend on whether a person is
interested on the type of book read.

The book Maze Runner received a Times Reviewers Choice Award, and was recognized as the #1 New York Times bestselling Maze Runner series. It is considered a best selling novel.

A well known actor, Dylan O’brien, stars as the main character in the movie as Thomas. In both the book and the movie, Thomas is the main character.

“When I saw Dylan O’brien on the screen my heart melted. He is so attractive. He definitely kept my attention,” Kayla Musteiger, freshman, also said.

All in all, the book differentiated from the movie in more ways than expected. While the plot
remains the same, the movie seemed to have some twists to it.

In the book the ending was unexpected and surprised us all. In the movie the ending seemed more discoverable.

“I was upset in being able to guess the ending of the movie. I was told to read the book, but never got the chance to. Now since I have seen the movie, I’m not going to bother with reading the book. Rather not waste my time,” Megan Finch, junior, said.

Is the Maze Runner movie worth seeing? Viewers will have to find out on their own. Enjoy.