What’s with Fashion Week?


Gabrielle Harris, Editor-in-Chief

Chatter about Fashion Week is flooding the social media outlets. Talking about who was there, what they wore, and what models were strutting down the runway and all other Fashion Week madness is driving people up the walls. So, what’s Fashion Week and what’s the big deal?


Fashion Week is exactly what it sounds like. It lasts approximately one week long and is filled with fashion, following top designers, brands, and “houses” that are displaying their most latest collections to the world. The bountiful event takes place in the same four places every year, in the same chronological order: New York, London, Milan, and the top dog of all places Paris. Fashion Week is pretty much the Oscars in the fashion world. Celebrities like the West Family, Kim, Kanye, and even baby North West attended the Fashion Week festivities. Shows are timed well ahead of the actual style season, which is why the styles being shown are for the spring/summer collections.


“I was really inspired by the new designs coming up for next year,” Hope Thomas, senior, said.


$4,000 for a dress or suit by these designers is the common price for the target audience attending the events. Recreating these outfits is what the everyday person would have to do.
Items shown through the art of fashion in the Summer/Spring collections and can be remade from your own closet include the following:


Dolce and Gabbana (Paris Fashion Week): The iconic Dolce & Gabbana SS collection had mostly reds, blacks, and whites with the print of polka dots. These looks can be recreated easily just by going through a closet. Golds and coppers were also incorporated into the outfits creating a classy effect that the models were styling. The collection appeared to be greatly inspired by Spain and the traditional bull fighting attire. The D&G styles also included ruffled dresses and statement gold accessories.


Chloé (Paris Fashion Show): The Chloé SS Collection included various types of lace with pastel colors. Other colors that were seen in the collection varied from baby blues, whites, mustard yellows, and salmon tones. Shoes with the summer/spring collection included knee high laced up sandals to go with the styles. The Chloé collection took a very Bohemian style to the runway with flowing dresses, skirts, and tops. To recreate these styles, flowy attire is recommended with laced up sandals.


“I would say yes to being influenced by the Fashion Week styles. I use it [the fashions] to guide my students and to help my Level 3’s with their designs.”, Mrs. Matella, fashion design teacher, said.


The lively event came to an end on October 1st in Paris, the last stop. The 2015 Spring and Summer fashion can be seen live, depending on the designer up until October 1st. If the runway photos you want to see are Chanel for instance, the looks can just be looked up since each designer has a set date different from other designers. Viewing the latest trends for summer and spring next year can be seen on: