The Top TV Shows of Summer Review

The Top TV Shows of Summer Review

Ryan Day, Staff Writer

Some of the top shows of this summer are starting and ending. Most of them are action or adventure type shows like “The 100”, “Arrow”, and “Sleepy Hollow”.

“The 100” is pure space-science fiction. The plot for this series is well designed and the story progresses at a fast pace compared to other primetime shows. The entire season ends each episode by including a plot twist, major news, or a catastrophic event. “The 100” starts and ends every episode by leaving many viewers wandering. The acting, visual effects, sound effects, and camera work make the viewer feel like they are in the scene with the main characters.

The new season of “Arrow” has started, which has raised many questions after each episode because of the limited amount of action and drama in the shows. This series follows “The Green Arrow -or Oliver Queen-as he fights crime with his superior bow and arrow skills. At some points the show seems bland. The story is well thought out, and doesn’t require the viewer to think while watching, making it relatively easy to understand.

“Sleepy Hollow” is a good series, but the other series that are releasing new episodes this season make this show pale in comparison. But Season two does have more drama, better visual effects, and more appealing plots than season one of “Sleepy Hollow” had. The plot design was well thought out and would appeal more to a suspense and mystery audience than one interested in action, considering that there are not many action scenes, and the episodes focus on solving a puzzle. “The 100” and “Arrow” have all the benefits of “Sleepy Hollow”, but those shows just seem to pull action and drama together more efficiently than “Sleepy Hollow”.

Overall, the shows that came out during the summer make good television watching, though“Sleepy Hollow” needs to spice it up. “The 100” is particularly more fluent in terms of story and action. Compared to other summer shows its expert filming, plot, and overall design is the best.