Tacky Tattoos


Mya Mandell, Entertainment Editor

His arm is covered from shoulder to wrist in different colors of reds, blues, and oranges. Different types of drawings surround his arm. Fish, written names, landscapes, can be seen all around his arm. But don’t take worry, it’s just a tattoo.

People have been getting tattoos for centuries. All around the world tattoos are very popular. Styles of tattooing differ from country to country. Samoan tattoos, also known as tribal tattoos are a popular style of art consisting of bold lines and symmetric patterns mostly popular in the eastern side of the world.

Whether it’s in memory of a passed family member or friend or just a symbolic figure, most tattoos that people get usually have some sort of meaning or story indicating why the person got it. Permanent markings normally aren’t just because a person “likes it”.

Over the years, tattoo ink seems to be getting brighter, stronger and the clients tend to be getting younger and younger. With 16 as the minimum age for getting a tattoo, with parental consent of course, more teens seem to be getting tatted up.

But with younger adults now getting into the tattoo scene, they may be getting judged even more. Teenagers already have it hard enough with society’s way of living.

Consistently getting made fun of and struggling with new changes every day. “I feel tattoos are disgusting and have no purpose to get put on someone’s body,” Mr. Swan, teacher, said.

All people have diverse ways of looking at tattoos; well it truly depends on what kind. If it’s a tattoo that was done by a “homeboy” in their living room, it most likely won’t look its best and may look trashy and like a person got tatted in prison.

The process of getting a tattoo is quite different from the imagination. First is thinking of an idea, and making sure a person really wants it and enjoys the image.

“The most popular style of tattoos is just the classic cross or infinity signs or cursive writing, the basics.” Mel, a tattoo artist at Aices High Tattoo Shop, said.

Then, a person needs to really research hard into where and who is going to do their tattoo, because it will be on the body forever.

“My tattoo means so much to me and makes me so happy and tear up when I think of it. It’s in honor of my grandmother,” Elysia Garcia, senior, said.

Making an appointment and having a consultation is next. The scariest part is finally here, the actual tattooing.

The artist will start by cleaning and preparing the skin and putting on the final stencil to make sure everything is perfect. Now, the pain begins. The needle touches the skin and soon a permanent marking will be on a person’s body.

The aftercare process always seems to be the worst part. No submerging the new tattoo under any water, yes this includes saltwater which sadly means no going to the beach.

No scented lotions, no itching the tattoo and, no excessive sunlight for the first two weeks, but this process can even take up to a month, depending on how well the person takes care of their fresh ink.
“This is where most people mess up their tattoos, they either itch it or expose it to too much water. I’ve even had some cases where people take off the bandages too early.” Mel also stated.

Tattoos are beautiful pieces of artwork to some, or a way of ruining the body according to others. It is all just a matter of opinion.

“I feel tattoos are gorgeous, no matter what they are; they always mean something to the person. A dumb name or picture may seem stupid to you, but to them, they are important and have some type of story or symbolize something. It may even be just a drunken mistake one night but it could be a memory to someone.” Sydney Downes, Junior, Said.