Miley Cyrus: Role Model or Nah?

Miley Cyrus: Role Model or Nah?

Desirae Marriot, Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus has been full of surprises these past years, but she recently startled us by her actions at the VMA’s.

The 21 year old star amazed everyone by using her award to bring awareness to the homeless youth of America. She sent a young man named Jesse Helt to accept the award on her behalf and tell the people about My Friend’s Place, an individually funded organization that works to help the homeless of America by helping them to lead better lives and giving them help where they need it.

The sweet gesture shortly turned sour as the media revealed that Helt had been on the run from the police because of trespassing, which brings into question whether or not Miley knew of his crime.
The twerking, hammer-licking pop sensation has been under much scrutiny as many more teens begin to look up to her. Every action brings about many questions. From her Hannah Montana stage, to the Wrecking Ball singer, Miley has been an idol, but is she the proper role model for our generation?

Cyrus doesn’t try to justify her actions, describing herself as no different than any other performer.

“It’s like, has anyone ever heard of rock ‘n’ roll?” Miley Cyrus said.

Cyrus’ recent actions have made many people say that the youth of our country shouldn’t look up to her.

“I don’t think that you should have celebrities or athletes as role models at all,” Mrs. Krajewski, Classical Studies teacher, explained, “but she is a young lady exploring who she is. She’s under no obligation to answer to anyone.”

Others disagree, saying that Miley Cyrus should not be looked up to as role model.

“She still does remarkable things, but then she counteracts them by performing distasteful acts.” Avery Higgins, freshman, stated.

Miley has had her ups and downs, but the one certainty about her is that she will always surprise her fans.