November Man

November Man

Christopher Smith, Staff Writer

With a plot that is reminiscent of a old James Bond movie, but twice as confusing. “The November Man” is a action spy thriller based of the book ‘There are no spies,’ starring Pierce Brosnan, and Luke Bracey and directed by Roger Donaldson, director of such universally panned movies such as ‘The Bank Job’, and ‘The World’s Fastest Indian.’ The plot revolves around Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) coming out of his retirement from the CIA to go on a very personal mission and finds himself pitted against his former pupil (Luke Bracey).

The plot is complex and isn’t afraid to shy away from overly-complicated plot-twists. But it also has a violent father-son relationship theme woven throughout it; with Pierce Brosan and Luke Bracey having intense and intimate moments of character interactions. They work off each other in a hurricane of euphoric acting. But that’s where all the good thing about this movie end.

At the end of this spy thriller it becomes apparent to the audience that this is a underwhelming James Bond knock off. The story has clichés woven throughout and that serves as padding to a already lengthy movie; clocking in at a solid 108 minutes. Many sub-plots abruptly end, or are just forgotten about; such as a sub-plot that involves a former love interest that is dropped half way through the film. The supporting actors can range from outstanding to god awful; such as how certain characters have realistic sounding Russian accents, while others sound like they’re trying parody the accent.

Most of the imagery and visuals are disgusting. For a film that prides itself on espionage, there is a outrageous amount of gore in the film. Every five seconds someone has to die in brutal detail, the camera sometimes even lingering on the body to further cement the cruel and mean spirited nature of this film.

It’s plot is filled with clichés, besides the two main leads most of the actors are mediocre and the visuals are barbaric. This film is is a clichéd James bond knock off. Inappropriate and gruesome for a high schooler or any other person who has to sit through this film.