‘As Above/So’ Below Movie Review

'As Above/So' Below Movie Review

Noah Fouts, Staff Writer

The new movie, As Above/So Below is the latest entry to the list of summer movies that appeal to horror fans. The main character Benjie, played by Edwin Hodge, is filming a documentary about a women named Scarlett, played by Perdita Weeks. She is set on a path to try to complete her father’s studies. This leads her on a quest to find a stone many feet below the surface in the Paris catacombs.

This wasn’t the best movie and the actors were a little under whelming in some of the scenes. For example, when George, played by Ben Feldman, imagined that his brother was drowning, Scarlet told him that it wasn’t real so he just stopped trying to save his brother. This was poorly played because nobody quits on their brother that easily.

The director (Drew Dowdle) should have gone with another type of style to film the movie, because the scenes where often shaky because the movie was filmed in some parts with a hand held camera, much like the way a documentary is filmed. However, the characters had prominent humanistic qualities and the scenery is very realistic, giving the movie a believable atmosphere.

Compared to other horror movies such as Insidious, and the Conjuring the plot takes about the same amount of time to build.
However, As above/So Below is very different when it comes to being classified as a horror film; it won’t give you nightmares and nonstop thoughts about the events.They spent too much time walking through tunnels in the catacombs, which was suspenseful, but it wasn’t the horror movie that the preview made it out to be.

There is a scene that didn’t need to be in the movie, because it didn’t relate back to the plot. The scene contained some brief nudity, so discretion is advised. The movie overall was very suspenseful but didn’t have the horror aspect that many movie goers might be looking for. The movie was only an hour and thirty-three min but seemed to last forever (in a word, super slow)! However, it is a film you don’t want to walk away from, because you want to find out what happens at the end.