‘Neighbors’ Review


Good Universe

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Neighbors” is an upbeat comedy following a new family’s troubles with a fraternity moving in next door. Led by Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco), the frat has a reputation for partying, claiming to have invented the toga party and beer pong, as well as having burned down their last frat house. Needless to say, the Radners (Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne) are not thrilled about the new next-door inhabitants.

Rogen and Byrne present a stunning power duo. The two portray their characters with all the intensity and passion one would expect out of a new family with a vendetta. Not only is their acting superb, but they also give a compelling performance without losing any of the humor.

While Efron and Franco were certainly cast for their looks, their acting proves to be shockingly impressive. Efron portrays a wide array of emotion, not only bringing comedic relief, but also giving the serious air of someone who doesn’t have his future all planned out, who doesn’t know what he’s doing after college—something that many young people today can certainly relate to.

“Neighbors” is undeniably hilarious, but keep in mind, it’s not a family film. The amount of vulgarity, nudity, and obscenity is almost over-the-top—to a point where some of it seems even unnecessary. While it seems to represent the nature of college students, the language and actions of some of the characters comes across as downright depraved. Basically, don’t bring grandma to see this film.

Vulgarity aside, “Neighbors” is a great movie for high school and college students. It has relatable characters, constant humor, and a real plot, something which tends to be lacking in most comedies these days. When you’re trying to pick a movie next time you’re out with your friends, know “Neighbors” is a sure choice.