Will Two Swords Ever Meet?

Will Two Swords Ever Meet?


Valentina Franco, Staff Writer

Daenerys  fans everywhere swooned over the first episodes of the fourth season of “Game of Thrones” when it premiered nationwide Sun. April 6, crashing the HBOGo website due to heavy net traffic. After waiting over nine excruciatingly long months, viewers can now expect big things in the upcoming season. The fourth season, which follows the latter part of “A Storm of Swords”,the third book, of the series: “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R.R. Martin, is bringing fresh new things to this extensively complex plot.

Season three brought many “Game of Thrones” fans close to tears, confusion, with the strategic termination of the season with nothing other than “The Red Wedding” After losing half of the cast, many viewers were skeptical about how the series would continue. However, last Sunday proved it would capably continue without the vital characters who appeared in the last three seasons; with the introduction of new, exciting and complex characters like Oberyn and new and dangerous plot twists like Khaleesi’s rogue dragons, Game of Thrones fans now feel confident about this new fourth season.

When fans of the series were asked what their opinion was of the new season, they couldn’t hide their enthusiasm. “I loved it, I think they were able to successfully introduce new characters while keeping up with the storyline of the old ones in a way that tied it all together”. David Aranguren, junior, said.

While Victor Lucena, junior, who was among those fans who went straight to the more barbaric and action packed part of “Game of Thrones”, said, “It looks great, but I can’t wait to see Jofferey die.”

Of course, many of the fans who read the whole bulky series already have an idea about what is in store for the new season and expect the television series to meet– but not exceed– the book.

Regardless, “Game of Thrones” fans everywhere enjoyed this cluster of new plot points and will especially enjoy this crucial part of the series.