‘Oculus’ Review


Intrepid Pictures

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

New horror blockbuster “Oculus” tells the story of a brother and sister whose family has been torn apart by a cursed mirror. The mirror is revealed to have brought about death and devastation to all of its owners for the last four centuries. Known as the Lasser Glass, it works its way into its owners’ minds, causing insanity, leading to murder and suicide.

Though the storyline was interesting on the surface, outplayed horror tropes such as jump-scares and needless gore weakened the film’s impact. The narration was unreliable, going through flashbacks that changed depending on which sibling was telling the story, ultimately confusing the audience and leading to over an hour of exposition that could have been easily resolved in five or ten minutes.

Despite the lackluster plot, the actors themselves were surprisingly captivating. Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites present a striking duo whose acting styles merge together seamlessly. Though it’s nearly impossible to believe the two of them could be siblings based on appearance alone, the two interact so well together that their kinship could almost be plausible.

Director Mike Flanagan truly created an eerie atmosphere throughout the film. The technical direction was outstanding as was the musical composition. “Oculus’s” cinematography was superb and the film was certainly worth seeing, if only for the visual experience.

Overall, “Oculus” was mostly a disappointment. For the average moviegoer, it’s perhaps not worth watching, but for avid horror fans, it’s certainly intriguing and an interesting experience.