“Vikings” Season 2 Premiere Review

Shaw Media

Jake Cutaia, Staffer

“I will fight with you against my brother,” Rollo said at the end of season one of Vikings. Ever since Rollo’s brother, Ragner has been king, Rollo has been very jealous of him. “Vikings” has only had one season so far yet people love it because the graphic, action filled, fight scenes.

Most people don’t think the show is very educational and should not be for children. “Many of the characters are based on true people and there are plenty of facts. It’s a more entertaining way of learning, for sure. It’s not that fun reading books most of the time,” Travis Fimmel said.

“Vikings” also lets people see how “Vikings” really lived. Fighting and having to travel a lot. When season one of Vikings ended it left viewers many unsolved questions. The suspense of the finale was almost unbearable.

Ragner has so much on his mind. His daughter, just died his own blood brother wants to fight him and he, just has made Princess Aslaug pregnant. This is way too much to handle for Ragner, and it might lead into something terrible but that’s for the viewer’s to find out.

In the season 2 premier the fight does happen and it’s amazing. Many People die and there is a lot of blood shed. It ultimately will make your heart drop. Who can fight your own brother? Rollo can and does but it doesn’t turn out like you think.

For a person who loves history and hates reading books, “Vikings” is the perfect show for me. Its so interesting and the suspense and drama are a perfect balance. The wars are realistic and the Vikings in the show even use words that the real Vikings actually did.

Travis Fimmel was great in the premiere as allways and so was young star Nathan O’Toole who plays Ragner’s son. “Vikings” airs on Thursdays, 10 PM EST. Make sure to watch episode two next week.