‘The Vampire Academy’ Review


Angry Films

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

For weeks leading up to its release, I would see trailers for “The Vampire Academy” and roll my eyes. No way was it going to be a good movie. It was about teenage vampires—as far as I knew it was just another “Twilight.” I was so, so wrong.

“The Vampire Academy” presented an interesting look into the world of vampires. Filled with moroi, a race of “good” vampires complete with a royal family, dhampir, half-vampire and half-human protectors to the moroi, and strigoi, vampires turned feral, this fictional world proved to be not only captivating, but also fresh and original.

Before being fully immersed in the storyline, the acting seems pretty sub-par, disappointing even. However, upon accepting the ridiculous premise of a school for vampires, the story and the characters are pretty enthralling. As someone who’s never read the books, I can honestly say that it’s still a thoroughly entertaining film.

Despite some serious eye-rolling moments—vampire prom, like what?—there were quite a few jokes that made the movie worthwhile. Most notably, the vampire diva Mia’s ultimate insult to main character Lyssa: “Maybe you’re pregnant. Maybe you have herpes! Maybe your baby has herpes!” If you don’t appreciate vampire-related puns, though, you may not appreciate most of the humor in this film. Be warned.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a teen-targeted film without a little romance. Lyssa falls for the bad boy: tall, dark, and handsome Christian. But that’s not the best relationship of “Vampire Academy.” Oh no. The ultimate relationship was definitely Rose and Dimitri. How I swoon! The two of them created not only the most will-they-or-won’t-they romance I think I’ve ever seen, but also the most attractive pairing to grace the big screen in a very long time.

While the actual plotline was lacking in quality, the characters had mesmerizing chemistry and the overall idea was applied in a remarkable fashion, making the film absolutely fang-tastic.