Beyonce’s Big Surprise

Beyonce's Big Surprise

Gabrielle Harris, Social Media Editor

Singer/ Song-writer Beyonce dropped a surprise self-titled album while most people were sleeping on midnight December 13th. The album was completely out of the blue and shocked millions around the globe. Being a visual album, Beyonce it is something very different from her other albums. Each song of the album has a music video; artists featured in the album are Drake, Frank Ocean, and even her own daughter, Blue Ivy. An old flame was rekindled in one of the songs, “Superpower”, which features the other members from Destiny’s Child: Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. The track “Drunk in Love” mirrors off of her old track “Crazy in Love” with her husband, Jay Z.

People have been waiting all of 2013 for the big release of the album. The album is building hype very quickly, selling 430k digital copies in just 24 hours according to Hot New Hip Hop.

Social media really took the fall for the album getting so big. Beyoncé posted a photo onto Instagram saying “Surprise!” and her fans went off spreading it across all of the social media sites. Tweets spread out and soon enough the albums’ name was the trending topic and was being purchased before the break of dawn. The fifth LP is titled “Beyoncé” and one day after its release is already ranking number one on the iTunes charts. Videos in the album take place in destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, New York, Sydney, and Paris.

Beyoncé announced in her documentary, “Life is But a Dream”, that was released early in 2013 “I just want this [the album] to come out when it’s ready for me to my fans”.