The Hype for “Who”

The Hype for

Courtesy of the BBC

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As “Whovians” across the globe gear up for Saturday’s world premiere of television’s longest-running sci-fi show’s 50th anniversary special, expectations are running high and new theories are cropping up faster than you can say, “Raxacoricofallipatorius.” But it’s unlikely any amount of speculation will truly be able to prepare fans for head writer Steven Moffat’s sure-to-be whirlwind of a historic event in “Doctor Who” history.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that not only would the fan favorite Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) be returning for the special, his faithful companion and long-time love interest, Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf (Billie Piper), would be joining him.

If that wasn’t enough to stir up excitement, the series 7 finale “The Name of the Doctor” introduced a “lost” Doctor (John Hurt) who was never seen in the show itself. Hurt’s incarnation, placed between Eight and Nine on the Doctor’s timeline, has caused mass hysteria among the “Who” fanbase, especially as his reveal marked the beginning of a 6-month hiatus from the show.

Though the mystery of Clara Oswald seems to have been solved during last series’s finale, she still has quite the role to play. “There’s definitely more,” Christian Noel, senior, said on the subject of Clara, “It’s Moffat—it’s not over.”

After near radio silence from “Doctor Who” producers and the BBC on the subject of the long-awaited 50th Anniversary special, a trailer was finally released last weekend, reawakening fans and igniting an uncanny sort of excitement—one that is really incomparable to anything else. Since the trailer’s release last Friday, there have been multiple more trailers, many “Save the Date” shorts, and even a mini-episode starring Paul McGann reviving his role as the Eighth Doctor and finally giving insight into his regeneration into Hurt’s Doctor.

As more content is released, fan excitement is growing and anticipation is at an all time high. “I’m most excited to see [the special] Monday night at the movie theater with all my fellow geeks,” Ms. Krajewski, teacher at WHS and longtime Whovian, said.

As fans count down the days in Doctors—starting with “Peter Capaldi” or 12 days until the Anniversary, and now only “William Hartnell” or one day left—and more content is released, it seems the special is shaping up to be a true event in not only “Doctor Who” history, but television sci-fi history itself.