Long Live King of the Shows

Long Live King of the Shows

Courtesy of HBO

Valentina Franco, Staffer

As we ‘GoT-ers’ sit at home hugging our Etsy-bought plush dragon eggs, while sipping cherry Kool Aid from golden wine glasses, we wait patiently for HBO to promptly sew our broken and anticipating hearts back together −with, of course, milk of the poppy.

In 2008, HBO launched a television pilot of the adaptation of George RR Martin’s series, “A Song Of Ice and Fire,” with the first book of the series “The Game of Thrones.” This launch has led to three successful seasons and a multi-million dollar market including merchandise and the purchasing of premium channel access. As the seasons progressed, the audience group that had not read the book started to realize the main premise of this series is to basically kill off every.single.character. All of them. When the last episode of season three aired, this idea was further proven with the plot line −more like twist− of “The Red Wedding.” And with this extreme cliff-hanger, “Game of Thrones” fans were left in utter despair from having to wait 10 whole heart wrenching months just to find out where this story line was headed.

Now, almost halfway into the anticipation for the next season, the buzz for “Game of Thrones” has died down. In July, the series made headlines because civilians were running into the production’s plastic dragon models on the beach, but no further news on the upcoming season has gotten worldwide attention. The withdraw from the series enables the fan’s imagination to roam freely, toying with different ideas as to what is actually going to happen in season four with the new characters and the continuation of intricate plot lines such as Khaleesi’s, Arya’s, Sansa’s, Jorffrey’s, and, of course, Theon’s.

Although the television show has gathered a massive, dedicated audience, there is some speculation and criticism of the show. The first, and perhaps the most applicable to a big portion of “Game of Thrones” fans, is the inability to enjoy it without having to pay extra for the HBO channel. This has led to the mass pirating of the series along with potential viewers being unable to afford and to watch it. The fact that the HBO channel has to be paid for as part of a monthly subscription has unfortunately made “Game of Thrones” the most pirated television show of 2013 according to the website “Torrent Freaks.”

The show has also been the target of many feminist and animal rights groups. Considering that the show is set in a pre-civilized fictional past, it does show women in a degrading manner when dealing with prostitution, the patriarchy, and misogyny in Joffery and Little Finger’s story. However, it also shows strong female roles such as those of Khaleesi’s, Arya’s, and Katlyn Stark’s. The characters’ attire primarily consists of fur and scenes of animal slaughter are a common sight, therefore, imposing disgust and discomfort to animal rights driven audiences.

“Game of Thrones” is an action packed, mind game, beauty of a television series and has an intricate set of an audience as it does a plot line. Despite its nail biting action and sometimes gory extremes, the show does an amazing job at immersing the audience in this mystical land. In the mean before season four airs, fans are busy catching up with the books, drawing fan art, writing fan fiction and spin offs, or just replaying the good ol’ episodes featuring Ned. All are waiting ever so patiently and buzzing with excitement for the upcoming season, plot line and characters.