Boys Fashion: Express Yourself

Boys Fashion: Express Yourself

Lauren Alsina

Mya Mandell, Staffer

Boys can be quite confusing it may be the way they act around girl. How they tell a girl one thing, and do the other. Or it may be their sense of style. It seems boys have one fashion sense as a group: the basic Sperry’s, cargos and a Hollister shirt.

Fashion is supposed to be a way to express inviduality, not to express shopping in the same stores. We get it; boys like to look like they have ‘swag’, but switch it up a little.

Instead of wearing the same cargos everyday try wearing some colorful shorts or something with a print. The simple Hollister T-shirts get old after the first week of school, boys.

What is the point of wearing high socks exactly? This is Florida, it’s 84 degrees in the shade, and wearing socks up to the knees serves what purpose? To look cool or to just perspire even more?

Now, Sperry’s are cool and all but trust me they don’t go with every outfit or every person. Some boys can rock them and some just don’t. The style of shoe was originally meant for boating or fishing so they wouldn’t slip on the wet surfaces, not for walking around school hallways.

It seems most boys wear the same type of style to ‘fit in’ or ‘be cool’ but why? Be a unique person if someone doesn’t like it, then who cares?

Expressing one’s self through fashion is one of the easiest things to do. Feeling happy, wear a bright shirt; sad, wear a jacket or a dark shirt. Don’t wear what everyone else is.

It seems in the past few year’s boys, or just people in general, have become paranoid of not having ‘swag’ or ‘the look’ instead of focusing on being their own person. Boys needing to have the freshest Jordan’s and the newest snapbacks has changed the goals of society as a whole. Instead of concentrating on intelligence, they pay more attention to their appearance. Clothing, hair, and even smelling good is all top priority on many peoples list of things to do.