“I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” – “Supernatural” Review


Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Wow. This was a big one. The season nine premiere episode of the CW’s fan favorite “Supernatural” titled “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” was a whirlwind. Sam in a coma, fallen angels, human Castiel. It was almost too much to take in.

The episode opens in Sam’s head. He’s sitting in the Impala talking to Dean. A pretty generic opening, all things considered. And then Bobby’s there. That’s right, the deeply missed Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) who died back in season seven made his reappearance in last night’s episode for the second time since leaving the show. As expected, his heart-shattering presence was countered with his usual humor and the ever-loved “idjits” thrown in for good measure. Though only a figment of Sam’s imagination, he was more than welcome.

The episode also gives viewers a look into how the angels are adapting to being kicked out of Heaven. Some are searching for a “purpose” like Hale, some are hunting down Castiel, and some are just trying to survive like Ezekiel. And Cas, well, Cas was basically a baby in a trench coat trying to navigate becoming human—Laundromat scene anyone?

Towards the end of the episode, fan favorite, Death (Julian Richings), makes an appearance, trying to convince Sam to come with him. Just as Sam is about to agree, Dean seemingly makes an appearance offering a solution to the brothers’ predicament. He says he can heal Sam, but he doesn’t say how.

Of course, the viewer knows exactly how Dean plans to help his brother and can plainly see that the first half of this season is going to be tied up in more arcs revolving around the brothers keeping secrets from each other once again. As big a fan as I am, I have to ask: how many times can the writers use the same plot without it getting boring?

I will say, though, that I am very interested in two specific aspects of the episode. The new title card shows the black, burnt impressions of wings that we’ve come to associate with the death of an angel. Could this be foreshadowing? In this episode alone, two angels were killed. Perhaps the title card is giving us a bit of insight into what’s to come.

The other aspect was the closing line of the episode. “We got work to do.” It’s the exact same line Dean gave to Sam in the final episode of season two, right after he sold his soul and right before he went to hell, accidentally started the Apocalypse, and discovered the existence of angels. So what does the line mean in this context? What exactly is about to happen? Could we be looking at something on par with the Apocalypse? With this show, anything is possible.

Surprisingly a rather good episode compared to previous season premieres, but I’m much more excited for when Alaina Huffman reprises her role as the demon Abaddon and Osric Chau returns as the prophet Kevin Tran in next week’s episode “Devil May Care.”

Fans can watch the series Tuesdays at 9 on the CW and can watch the episode after it airs online at the station’s website.