Breaking Bad Breaks Hearts with Series Finale


Courtesy of AMC

Jake Cutaia, Staff Writer

Sadly, the beloved TV show Breaking Bad came to an end in the series finale on Sunday October 29. Throughout the series, the viewers experienced the transformation of Walter White into the legendary Heisenberg. Jessie Pinkman transformed into one of the best Crystal Meth cooks on the West coast. Later, in season five, Jessie turns back to his old self- an overdramatic sensitive guy with a bad temper.
From the first season when Walter and Jessie cook meth in a trailer to cooking in a huge facility under a laundromat, Breaking Bad fans have been captivated. The viewers got to see Jessie and Walter expand their business out of the country. For Walter, it was no longer about the money, which became apparent early in season five, but rather about building his empire.
Cancer has once again taken over Walter’s body and he subsequently becomes very sick and is still trying to protect his family from enemies. Walter will do anything to protect his immediate family and himself even if it means killing his own brother in-law.
Now on the final episode of Breaking Bad, Walter wants to tie up all the loose ends to keep his family safe. Walter’s family wants nothing to do with him but Walter still loves them no matter what. Walter knows that eventually he will die from cancer or be put in jail for the rest of his life. Neither of them sounds appeasing to Walter.
With Walter back in New Mexico he needs to take care of business. Walter knows that if he doesn’t cut the loose ends everything he worked for would be all for nothing. Walter goes to see his wife Skylar one more time and tells her that whatever happens tonight she will be safe for the rest of her life, and that’s all that matters. He sees his daughter Holly and says goodbye to his family not including Walter Jr, who wants nothing to do with his father.
Through the first season to the last episode all Walter wanted to really do was leave his family money when he dies and he won’t give up until he does. The ending was powerful and very intense. At the end, everything falls into place for Walter. The last five minutes were so suspenseful, I swear my heart stopped. It tied everything together and presented a very complete ending to the groundbreaking series.
The finale was actually satisfying, and that’s all anyone could have wanted. The viewers can make their own assumptions regarding the ending which makes the show worth watching over anything.