A “Mother” of a Premiere


Courtesy of CBS

Sydney Rogalsky, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Monday night marked the premiere of the ninth and final season of CBS’s popular show “How I Met Your Mother.” In the special two-part premiere episodes, Ted finally begins to deal with the implications of letting Robin go and Marshall is…on a plane? Yep, he’s definitely on a plane.

But obviously, the highlights of the episode were—you guessed it—the Mother. Cristin Milioti’s scenes with Lily on the train were humorous and her character was very easy to love immediately. Milioti seems to have instant chemistry with Alyson Hannigan and I expect her to fit into the rest of the gang with ease.

The end of “Coming Back” definitely made the premiere as amazing as it was. The time and space bending technique which used to be done so wonderfully was brought back with a vengeance. At one table, we see the Ted of 2013, sad, alone, hoping his life will change for the better. At the next table, we have the Ted of 2014 who is remembering that miserable person he once was along with the Mother—the one we know the first Ted is waiting for. Finally, we’re seeing Ted and the woman we’ve been waiting eight seasons for together and it was so, so worth it.

The rest of it was pretty great, too. Granted, that’s coming from someone who absolutely loves Barney and Robin together and can’t wait for them to be married. Marshall’s plotline, though, was slightly lacking. His “quirkiness” on the plane made for a good chuckle or two, but he came across as mostly dumb and it didn’t play off very well—I mean, really, he would know to get off his phone when on a plane, let’s be honest.

Overall, though, the episodes came across rather well. For the most part they were quite enjoyable and had much the same humor we know and love. I’m highly looking forward to the rest of the season, and even more excited to “see the Mother…meet the Mother…get to know…the Mother.”