Inside the Minds of Talent Unplugged Performers


Talent Unplugged Program Cover

Valentina Ferreira, Staff Writer

This year’s Talent Unplugged theme is mystery. We decided to play along , and interviewed Dolapo Ajayi and Brianna Sabbot. A Talent Unplugged veteran and a first-timer, uncovering the mystery behind their inspiration, nerves and the meaning of their acts.

Valentina Ferreira: How many Talent Unplugged have you been a part of?
Dolapo Ajayi: This would be my second

VF: What will you be performing on Friday?
DA: I am going to perform a song called “Hey You”. It’s about a brown haired girl, a very pretty, extremely pretty girl. It’s about her personality, and everything that makes her so pretty.

VF: Is this a real girl?
DA: Yes, she is, and she goes here.

VF: Should all the brown haired girls be looking out?
DA: Yes they definitely should.

VF: What made you want to be a part of Talent Unplugged?
DA: I love the backstage experience, and I just love the people I meet, the friends I make. I love performing.

VF: Is this something you have done since you were little?
DA: Actually no, I had horrible stage fright, but I did Mr. Wellington and that was it, it was gone.

VF: What do you do to ease those nerves; do you picture everybody in their underwear?
DA: Oh man, for me it turns into just psyching myself out. I will kind of be a wreck before opening the door to the stage. I just look at the very back wall because if I actually looked at the people, I would space out.

VF: How would you like the audience to react to your performance?
DA: I want a series of a “awwhhss”, like the sweet “awhs.”



VF: What will you be doing this poetry live?
Brianna Sabbot: I’ll be doing a piece, a poem I wrote. It’s called The Future. It’s about our generation and the opportunities we have and how we aren’t using those to full capacity.

VF: What inspired you?
BS: I was reading something and I felt like I should write about it, because the entire generation is missing something, even though we have everything. We should start using those things to better ourselves instead of becoming lazy.

VF: What made you want to be a part of this?
BS: I really like being part of a show and not lots of school have that opportunity, so I thought I should take advantage of it.

VF: Will this be your first time on a big stage?
BS: Well no, when I play basketball I consider that as my stage. I have also been a part of the ASL variety show.

VF: Are you nervous?
BS: I’m not nervous per say, but I’m anticipating, I’m pretty excited. If I get nervous I listen to music like Aaliyah or Tupac

VF: What can we expect from your performance?
BS: I feel like my performance is going to be real, it’s going to really cover every day topics.

VF: What do you like most about performing?
BS: Interacting with the crowd, if the crowd likes it, that’s what I want to see.

Talent Unplugged is taking place tonight at 7 in the theater, come and check out Dalapo and Brianna’s act alongside other talented musicians, actors and dancers.