Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Sydney Rogalsky, Staffer

Warning: this review is not spoiler free!

The film begins with a hunting scene involving very obvious special effects that were not nearly as good as they could have been. It looked like it had been done entirely by animation and CGI with the actors doing nothing at all. The scene was obviously fake and truth be told, could have been done much better. Not a great start.

From the terrible CGI hunting, we see what we’ve all been waiting for, Renesmee, the terribly CGI-ed vampire-human hybrid child of Edward and Bella. She was probably the most anticipated part of the movie –and she fell far short of expectations. The baby looked ridiculously fake and, quite frankly, rather creepy.

Luckily, as we time lapse through Renesmee’s growth, she begins to look more realistic and less creepy. During a fun family outing in the woods, Irena sees Renesmee catching snowflakes and assumes the Cullens have made an immortal child—severely against the vampire law. She runs off to Italy to inform the Volturi of the crimes that have been committed.

The special effects greatly improve about an hour and a half into the movie when an epic battle begins. The Cullens and recruited friends stand off with the Volturi, but as the effects get better the storyline heads far from the books direction. Aro commands the Volturi guard to take Alice away. Bella orders Jacob away with Renesmee. One of the central characters is killed. Fighting ensues.

Good vampires, bad vampires, and even wolves lose their lives in the fight. It was, to put it simply, awesome. The fight was more intense than anything the book could ever have hoped to portray. This is one instance in which I am 100% okay with a movie adaptation straying from its book.

But then, BAM! Plot twist. No one expected this…

Overall, the movie far exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs up, four out of five stars, wonderful. If you see any Twilight movie, I definitely suggest this one. Girls, it’s romantic and extremely sappy. Guys, the fighting is so kick butt, it’s insane. This is the perfect ending to this generations’  teen saga phenomenon.