Mayday Parade and The Maine Concert Review

Mayday Parade and The Maine Concert Review

Sam Pescatore, Social Media Editor

The crowd was screaming, the lights were flashing, and the bass of the music could be felt through the floors of Revolution Night Club when Mayday Parade and The Maine took the stage on November 3rd to play for their Palm Beach County fans.

WHS students Carly Jamarowicz, Gabbi Weingart, and Brett Vrancken are all committed fans of Mayday Parade. When asked who their favorite band member was they didn’t hesitate to say Derek Sanders, lead singer of Mayday Parade.

“Derek Sanders is my favorite band member because he’s beautiful and has an amazing voice,” Gabbi Weingart, senior, said.

Revolution was filled to the brink with screaming girls and boys, eager to get closer to their idols. At times the concert got intense with people pushing and shoving to get to the front.

“Everyone was pushing; I have bruises all over me. We had to fight off the fan girls to stay in the front row,” Carly Jamarowicz, senior, said. The concert was a huge success. The bands put on a great show and the crowd was alive and full of energy.

“The bands were good, the music was great, and I got to meet Derek Sanders. It was a good concert,” Brett Vrancken, junior, said.