5 Underrated Places to Visit

5 Underrated Places to Visit

Lauren Alsina

Lauren Alsina, staffer

5. Ft. Lauderdale Airboating Take a tour on one of AirboatUSA’s Everglade’s airboats to experience Florida’s wildlife first hand. Trips range anywhere from half an hour to a few hours.Air boating is also available at Loxahatchee Grove.

4. Calypso Bay/Coconut Cove Two four-story high water slides, a roughly 300ft river ride, a lap pool, diving boards, and a kiddies’ playground are just some of the attractions at each of these local water parks. Open every day from June 8th – August 19th, and every weekend from August 20th – September 3rd .

3. Dreher Park Zoo Openevery day with the exceptions of Thanksgiving and Christmas, visit the various animals ranging from our own local wildlife to exotic tigers and red pandas. It houses over 1,400 animals within 23 acres of natural habitat. Recently two new Panther kittens have been added to the zoo. It’s a great place to visit as a family affair, and for those with younger children, the park and children’s museum is across the street.

2.  Miami Metro Zoo Spend a day in one of the most popular zoos in America, meet a variety of animals and their keepers, open 365 days a year. One of its most outstanding features is its use of a trench system to separate the animals from the public, offering a better view in comparison to the traditional cage. Among its various exhibitions is the Amazon exhibit and the newest instillation will be an exhibit based on Florida’s Everglades.

1. John D. MacArthur State Park Go on biking trails and turtle finds, take nature walks, go on turtle finds, go paddle boarding or kayaking by day or moonlight in the wildlife sanctuary, or even just relax on the beach at the MacArthur State park in Jupiter, Fl. Established in 1989, the park’s main mission has always been to protect it’s natural wildlife. It spreads across 438 acres with a large boardwalk crossing the inner coastal, linking the beach and the center of the park. There are estuaries and dunes to explore, along with the unique Anastasia Limestone reef that spans 1.6 miles along the MacArthur park beach boundary. Unlike most others in South Florida and the Keys, it is made of Limestone rather than coral, is viewable from the shore, and is easily accessed by mask and snorkel.