South Florida’s Fright Nights

South Florida's Fright Nights

credit to South Florida Fair Ground's Fright Nights

Savana Freyman, Staff

If you were looking for a spook during the month of October, the South Florida fair ground was the place to go. The Fairgrounds not only caters to the fair and concerts, but it has also been the home of Fright Nights for 11 years.

With 5 new haunted houses, 12 midway rides, festive food and merchandise, there is something for everyone. Kill Shot, a new attraction, puts frightened guests into a warehouse filled with the undead. The guests must get to the ammunition closest in total darkness, if they want a shot of getting out of this interactive haunted house.

“This was my first year going to Fright Night, and I really liked it. All of the houses were actually scary and interactive, especially Kill Shot,” Alexia Barletta , sophomore, said.

Two other fright filled attractions are the Carnival of Creeps and Santa’s Workshop. They combined humor with a sick twist. Carnival of creeps feeds off the already disturbing festival atmosphere. The reject creeps are up in your face and ready to pounce around every corner.

But, don’t flinch, they sense your fear and feed off of it.But, if you think you can stomach the “Magic Show”, its definitely worth the wait. As far as Santa’s Workshop goes, if you still believe in Santa, this attraction is not for you. Santa and his elves are armed with axes and sinister grins. This attraction was by far the biggest hit.

“I’m not going to lie, I was really scared at Santa`s workshop. The straight jacketed elves in the electric cages really got me,” Daniel, 17, said.

At The Manor, guests step into a home of a murderous family, who still lurk and stir in the rooms.

The Creature, a repeat from years past, is an inflatable interactive attraction. Brave guests explore the monster’s digestive track, where things are not quite as they seem. Slimy creatures lurk around every corner.

While waiting in the lines, local bands and other entertainment, such as the Makos cheerleaders, take the spotlight and make waiting in line more enjoyable.

Remember Halloween is right around the corner and so is the South Florida Fair Grounds. Time has run out to stop by and take part in this spooktacular event, but not to take part In Halloween.