Is Hollywood Dead? Remaking the Classics

Sydney Rogalsky, Writer

From comedies to horror movies, dramas to action flicks, movies are being remade across the board. We’re seeing it more and more, and often these remakes are becoming successes.

21 Jump Street, Clash of the Titans, Friday the 13th, and Karate Kid. All remakes. Hugely advertised films that seem to usually be ridiculously successful tend to be the remakes of the classics.

Some of the most successful movies of 2011 were either remakes or prequels/sequels to long finished franchises, such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Toy Story 3, and The Muppets.

“It’s no secret that Hollywood currently has remake fever,” Stephen Lambrechts, a movie critic for IGN said. “More and more film remakes are being announced every day…Rather than green-lighting some genuinely original films, the powers that be in Tinsel Town continue to reach into the past…to commission various re-imaginings, reboots and remakes.”

In the 2000s alone we’ve had Freaky Friday, My Bloody Valentine, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Prom Night, and Ocean’s Eleven.

Looking at all the remakes, it’s pretty clear that the majority seem to be horror movies. But there are also plenty of comedies and action-packed thrillers in there.

So why do we remake movies? Maybe it’s the nostalgia of an older generation or maybe it’s just a lack of creativity, but it’s undeniable. These movies are classics for a reason: they’re great. No wonder we want to remake them.