The Inspiration Behind Wellington’s National Scholastic Art Winners

Tyler Vickens

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor

“I’m just plain lucky…”

She wears a modest, welcoming smile. She wears wire- rimmed glasses and a shirt with a camera plastered on the front.

And, she’s proud.

Ms. Brubaker, or more properly known to the Art students as Ms. B, is excited. Her students have just outdone themselves again in one of the oldest and most important student national Art competitions; The Scholastic Art Awards. She has educated herself to mentoring and preparing the students with constructive advice on their pieces, and her strong connection to her students and their work has guided them in the production of the masterpieces that come out of the mysterious room in room 4-104.

Ms. B supported her students on February 4th at Eg2 gallery in City Place for the display of the winners’ pieces for the Regional section of the Scholastic Art Awards. The exhibition was up the entire month of February, and out of over 2500 entries, it recognized 500 works of art from students all over the county, including a numerous amount of students from Wellington.

The show also displayed the award winning gold and silver keys. If one achieved a gold key, then he or she will go on to compete with their artwork in the National Scholastic Art Competition in New York. Our gold key winners, in the categories of Photography, Drawing, Digital Art, and Portfolio include Tyler Vickens, Felicia Yan, Brandon Brough, and Allison Parssi.

“The acknowledgement of the artwork by the key winners is motivation for our future competitions,” Ms. B said.

She can even motivate first year photography students.

Because, our only key winner at the national level this year was a first year photo student, Felicia Yan, senior.  “This was my first year in high school Art class and I got really into incorporating photos through Photoshop.” The national gold and silver key winners win a trip to New York City for the National Scholastic Art Awards, and have the chance to walk across Carnegie Hall in June.

Ms. B is beaming. But, despite her dedication to the art department, and the improvement of her students’ skills, she gives herself none of the credit.

“I’m just plain lucky to have students like these. They come willing to listen, with skill, and they continue to push the limits they thought they had.”

And, that is the secret to success.