Music Affects Mood

Music Affects Mood

Abbygail Reid, News Editor

Have you ever heard the saying “music soothes the savage beast”? It is true. Music can calm and revitalize a person in ways not possible by a lengthy nap. We may not understand the words of a song but instead we recognize the expression of its musical beauty and power to distress.

Certain type of music holds the power to elevate a person’s mood above worries and relieve depression. Although classical music is one of the least popular music selections among many teenagers, it is one of the most empowering. Classical music had been found to reduce tension and put a person in a sense of calmness.

Country music, although quite popular among many teenagers, is one of the genres that don’t promote happy feelings. In fact country music has been linked to depression and suicide. “Whenever I listen to county music I am overcome with a feeling of sadness, especially while listening to Taylor Swift,” said Michelle Hyde, tenth grader.

Rap or hip hop music has varying effects on people, especially young adults. Rap songs have been said to be conducive to violent behaviors. Rap songs are more known to promote angry feelings than any other music choice. However, a lot people state that rap music makes them feel more relaxed. Others feel more energetic and happy because a lot of rap music promotes dancing and movement.

The effects of rock and punk music are similar to those of rap. It can leave a listener feeling angrier than before, but at the same time gives them an adrenaline rush like no other kind of music. This adrenaline rush of energy can actually increase happiness in certain individuals. It allows people to escape from their situations and relieve some built up stress. The effect of rock and roll will really just depend on the person listening to it. If you enjoy this type of music, then the positive effects will take place. However, if you don’t prefer listening to rock, then the angry and annoyed feelings will come out of it.

Next time you are listening to music, stop and think about how it is affecting your feelings. Learning how each type influences your mood can really put you more in control of your life and emotions.