Student Musician Finds His Crossroads

Fiona Puccio, Staff Writer

Lights blaze across the stage.
Sweat beams across his foreheads.
The mosh-pit’s fill with insane movement and “head-bangers.”
The roar the lead singer’s voice overpowers the sharp bursts of each guitar.
The abrupt movement of the lead guitarist as he moves across the stage.
This is Scott Miller, a senior at Wellington High, who has a passion for playing the guitar. He is a guitarist in Crossroads, a hardcore band.
“The name is pretty much self-explanatory, but we named it after a life decision,” said Miller.
As of right now Scott is an average teen, who aspires to be famous one day.
“If that doesn’t work out, I plan to be a music producer,” he said. Miller will do anything with his music to be in the spotlight, although recording in the studio isn’t his forte.
“I’ve spent twenty hours recording just one song with my previous band, From the Firing Lane. It was so boring that I fell asleep on the floor of the studio about six times,” Scott jokes.
After one of Scott’s most insane nights, he found himself and his band with three-hundred dollars in fines and nearly all of the stage equipment at the venue destroyed. “The band got so into the music that we wrecked everything.” Two microphone stands, a PA system, two main stage lights, and a set of drums were broken. His band was banned from Rocket town and could never be booked at that venue again.
Scott loves his crazy life in his band. “Being on stage is indescribable,” said Miller. He doesn’t play guitar for the fame or the fortune. He plays because of the pure fun of it and because it’s his crossroad.