Tabu Teen Club Arises in Wellington Area

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s eight ‘o’ clock on an ordinary Saturday night.

Most teenagers in Wellington will make their way at some point on this ordinary Saturday night down the road to Froyolicious. There they will discuss potential ways to spend the night. They debate our few choices as frozen raspberry lemonade, topped with all the toppings possible, sits in front of them.

And sits.

And sits.

Because, what is there really to do in Wellington? Football games are on Fridays, and one can only go to the mall and movies so many times before it gets old. Nine times out of ten, that trip to Froyolicious is the only entertaining activity on that plain, regular Saturday night.

Ordinary Saturday nights always seem to end earlier than expected. And, when students get home, they go on Facebook, and receive a notification.

The notification is about an event inviting all teens in the area to “Tabu-Super Teen Club” located on Forest Hill Blvd in West Palm Beach.

A club especially for teens in the Wellington area.

Open from 8-1 AM, with bouncers and police protection, and strictly an alcohol and drug-free zone.

The club welcomes teens ranging in ages 14-17 with its radiating neon blue  bright letters and its hip-hop music blaring from the speakers.

Students are also hired by Tabu to promote the club to their peers and other teens around the area and get them to join in on the dancing. “It’s actually really fun. I mean, I work for them and it’s my job to say that and everything, but I really enjoy going there every week, which is why I continue to work for them,” student promoter, Melanie Goldfinger, said.

Every week there’s a new theme, which gives teens an incentive to continue going, and possibly win money. “One weekend we had a school girl outfit contest, the girl with the best outfit won $100,” Goldfinger said.

The word about Tabu has definitely been spreading, but with the word rising, so do the questions. Is it safe? What kind of people go? Is it fun?

The price of admission at the Teen Club is rather pricy; $20 gets one a free drink and a chance to dance like there’s no tomorrow, or until one’s parents pester with text messages similar to “Where r u?”

The number one question that arises when the price of admission makes its way to the frugal minds of Wellington teens is whether it’s worth it or not.

Because, for teens, $20 bucks is a lot to bargain with.

“I did not enjoy myself when I went to Tabu. It was way overly crowded, with ghetto guys, and girls just overall not respecting themselves,” Ana Nieto, freshman, said.

With loud music and pumping dance moves coming from every direction, and from many different types of people, this may not be the scene for everyone.

Teens will have to decide for themselves.

Especially as they sit on that plain, ordinary Saturday night, staring at a cup of frozen yogurt.