Fall Lights Casts Successful Afterglow

Jackie Jerkins, Copy Editor

On Wednesday, October 12, the Literary Magazine class of 2011-2012 introduced the original production of Fall Lights Café, a sister show to last school year’s ultra cool Spring Lights Café. Hosted on the “little courtyard” patio adjacent to Mr. Zucker’s Room 4-105, Fall Lights went off without a hitch, sparkling with not only the elegant environment of a glowing autumn atmosphere, but also the extraordinary entertainers that took the stage.


Announced by charismatic hosts Tyler Luke, senior, and Tabitha Lazarre, junior, a cavalcade of talent captured the sold-out audience’s attention, among them poets, singers, guitarists, and comedians.


Hannah Creech, senior, recited her poem “Lady Burlesque,” with the crowd hanging on her every word as she depicted the haunting, thrilling atmosphere of entertainment of yore. Karl Joseph, senior, commanded the scene with a collection of his tremendous poetry, shaking the audience members to their cores with the power of a true performer. Senior David “Peaches” Johnston presented a brilliant poem and then later returned to the stage to play guitar, exhibiting the incredible quality of skill possessed only by a true jack of all trades. Kelsie Dummett, sophomore, and Brett Vrancken, sophomore, shocked and awed everyone within earshot with a positively stunning vocal/piano combination.


“[My favorite part of Fall Lights is] getting to see the talent that this school has to offer,” says Producer Sara Fabben, senior. “It gives students who normally wouldn’t perform a chance to showcase their talent, and it gives other students the chance to appreciate and be introduced to the arts where they normally wouldn’t be interested.”


Literary Magazine member Debra Marcus, senior, concurs precisely with Fabben. “It also gives students a chance to become involved in the school in a creative way, and alongside Lit Mag members, as well,” she adds.


Fall Lights’ unique element of being a smaller, more intimate show made it a crowd favorite. Gathered in the cozy patio, the audience was able to feel closer to the performers, and vice versa. A closer crowd makes first-time performers less anxious and will hopefully allow them to feel comfortable performing in Lit Mag’s larger shows, like Talent Unplugged and Poetry Live.


All in all, the consensus of success seems to be common. “It went amazingly,” says Assistant Producer Jessica Delroy, junior, with a charming smile. Delroy goes on to emphasize how “hectic” the show was to put together, but with the help of everyone it  was “pulled off smoothly.”


Indeed, much work went into the construction of Fall Lights. Even for such a small show, a great amount of dedication and endurance was required to make everything go as planned. Praise from the Literary Magazine class for everyone who made it all possible was vivid the day following Fall Lights, with rounds of applause for the exemplary performers, quick-thinking backstage crew, wonderful kitchen staff, dazzling hosts, devoted waitresses, excellent sound operators, stalwart security, and, of course, the outstanding audience.


In all respects, the first Literary Magazine production of the year was one that hit the ground running. Students can look forward this school year to more stellar productions that move the earth (and all phrases synonymous).