Extreme Makeover Show Films on Campus

Sabrina Abesamis

Sabrina Abesamis, Staff Writer

ABC Television’s hit show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, filmed its finale in the Wellington High School Theater in front of a live audience composed of locals. One of this summer’s highest rated shows documented a Wellington resident’s journey to lose weight, with the help of renowned fitness trainer, Chris Powell.

The participant’s identity must remain anonymous until the episode airs. However, it can be revealed that over the course of a year, she was able to shed over half of her initial weight with a healthy diet and daily exercise specially tailored to her needs. The diet included many whole foods and focused on meeting set nutritional values everyday.

 The taping was held on the night of September 1, to a packed theater of about 1,900. The episode is expected to air in the summer of 2012 on ABC.

“I thought her story was really inspiring to people,” Brittany Bauxbaum, junior, said, after attending the finale. The show has served as a great example of healthy weight loss and has motivated many across the country to change as well.

The event highlights an important issue among teens: obesity. Host and trainer, Chris Powell, stressed the importance of healthy eating and exercise during an interview before the show.

“Though levels of obesity have tripled in the last twenty-five years, at the same time, focus more on a healthy lifestyle,” Powell said when asked about tips for teenagers looking to lose weight. He also encourages young adults to find a sport or activity they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.