Advancements in Technology Alter Childhoods

Madison Dalton, Staff Writer

“Real world” entertainment has shown an ever-increasing shift towards virtual entertainment in recent years.  From softball to software, sandlot groups to Facebook, and exploration to video games, the change is obvious.  Both parents and students seem to recognize this shift, yet disagree about whether it has had overall positive or overall negative effects.

Tenth grader Sabrina Abesamis explains that TV, internet, and movies are some of her favorite free-time activities. “With increasingly easier access to technology, a lot of things can go wrong, such as drama resulting from Facebook,” Abesamis said.  Even so, Abesamis still feels that the shift towards greater use of technology have had net positive effects on the world of entertainment.  However, some parents do not share this view.

​Parent Lynn Fachinello said that her favorite leisure activities are running, watching television, and interior decorating.  When she was a kid, they included playing outside and exploring.  She says that her children’s favorite activities are playing video games and going on Facebook.  

She feels this shift has been “negative.  Kids were more active during my time.  I feel like we created our own things to do rather than putting in video games that create them for us. Nowadays kids play in a virtual reality, rather than a real reality.”

​Whether or not one basks in such technological advancements in entertainment, or feels they are undermining imagination, one thing is for certain: the world of entertainment today is much different from that of older generations.