Charitable Darwinism: Such a thing as too much charity?

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Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor
February 20, 2013

The competition is fierce, cutthroat. The weak are picked off by those that are stronger, faster, better. Society has largely accepted Darwin’s theory of natural selection. We understand it, live by it, even take advantage of its laws. Yet, we shy away from the desire to apply these same principles... Read more »

ThinkPink Dodge Ball Tournament Raises $2,000

Frankie Watson, Chris Mayne, James Curtiss, Austin Sweeney, Max Kassel - The Expendables

Jessica Small, Sports Editor
March 12, 2012

On the night of February 24, the Wellington High School Gym was transformed into an intense site of excitement. The annual ThinkPink Dodge ball tournament was held to raise money for breast cancer research. “I think it’s a great and creative way to make money,” Allison Weiner, junior, said. Club... Read more »