Teachers’ Prospects for Second Quarter

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Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer
November 5, 2013

Right after the first quarter ended, the teachers at Wellington uniformly agreed that the first quarter of the school year went well. The teachers had many interesting first impressions of the students. Most of them were good and the bad impressions changed within the first few weeks of the school year. “I... Read more »

Exceptional WHS Educators Teach Students Lessons that Last for Life

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Madison Dalton, News Editor
October 31, 2013

Wellington High School is full of inspirational teachers who have had a deep, positive impact on students’ lives. Many of these teachers take their job a step further than simply teaching students how to succeed in academics, as they impact skills that will help them succeed in life. One such educator... Read more »

Wifi Changes at WHS

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Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer
October 25, 2013

The password-free wifi that used to be available to both students and faculty of WHS has recently been restricted. The wifi now has a password for students to log in, making it more inconvenient for both teachers and students. Some teachers didn’t even know about the change. “I didn’t even notice... Read more »

The Serpents Behind Bullying In School

Briana Erickson, Co-Editor In Chief
March 6, 2013

“Kids can be cruel…” These are the words that usually escape the mouths of our parents and elders as a remark to the torturous teenage escapades that go on during high school. Teenage brutality is expected in high school. We, as students, know more than anybody that “cruel” can be an unjust... Read more »

Law to Grade Parents Can Only Fail

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Sabrina Abesamis, Opinion Editor
February 21, 2012

As test scores continue to lag, Florida lawmaker Kelli Stargel is proposing bill HB 255, which would allow teachers to grade the parents of their students. However, evaluation systems for parents could only serve to further our nation’s gratuitous obsession with grades and standardized tests. There... Read more »

Teachers Should Grade Parents

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Abbygail Reid, News Editor
February 21, 2012

Every year Florida students, schools and districts are graded based on their performances. Now, it is time to start rating parents. The bill HB 255, filed by the Florida state representative, Kelli Stargel, was proposed to do just that. Stargel, a Republican who sits on several education legislative... Read more »