The Art of Staying Creative

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Madison Dalton, Opinion Editor
January 14, 2014

Many students and teachers at WHS find deep passion in the arts. However, individuals who desire to enter a career field in the arts are often faced with challenges. Mr. Hoard is one such individual. Although he currently teaches graphic design at WHS, Mr. Hoard has his M.F.A. in art. “I taught art... Read more »

Music Makes You Smarter?

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Mya Mandell, Staffer
October 23, 2013

According to recent studies in many colleges, listening to music while studying or doing homework improves focus skills and test scores. The genre of music plays a big part in this theory: jazz or instrumental music seems to be most conductive for getting work done. Music with vocals can be a distraction... Read more »

What’s Influencing Today’s Youth?

Briana Erickson
May 8, 2013

History shows that people change over time: clothing fads, music styles, and television shows are enough to prove this. However, is today’s generation of children spiraling out of control? In what are considered “good neighborhoods”, girls as young as twelve and thirteen are becoming parents,... Read more »

Mayday Parade and The Maine Concert Review


Sam Pescatore, Social Media Editor
November 14, 2012

The crowd was screaming, the lights were flashing, and the bass of the music could be felt through the floors of Revolution Night Club when Mayday Parade and The Maine took the stage on November 3rd to play for their Palm Beach County fans. WHS students Carly Jamarowicz, Gabbi Weingart, and Brett Vrancken... Read more »

Music Affects Mood


Abbygail Reid, News Editor
February 28, 2012

Have you ever heard the saying “music soothes the savage beast”? It is true. Music can calm and revitalize a person in ways not possible by a lengthy nap. We may not understand the words of a song but instead we recognize the expression of its musical beauty and power to distress. Certain type of... Read more »

Student Musician Finds His Crossroads

Fiona Puccio, Staff Writer
December 8, 2011

Lights blaze across the stage. Sweat beams across his foreheads. The mosh-pit’s fill with insane movement and “head-bangers.” The roar the lead singer’s voice overpowers the sharp bursts of each guitar. The abrupt movement of the lead guitarist as he moves across the stage. This is Scott Miller,... Read more »

Tabu Teen Club Arises in Wellington Area

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
October 18, 2011

It’s eight ‘o’ clock on an ordinary Saturday night. Most teenagers in Wellington will make their way at some point on this ordinary Saturday night down the road to Froyolicious. There they will discuss potential ways to spend the night. They debate our few choices as frozen raspberry lemonade,... Read more »