Is Technology Becoming the New Nicotine?

Photo credit: Jessica Small

Abbygail Reid, News editor
February 21, 2012

When we think of addiction, most of us think of alcoholism or drug abuse. But the easy access, anonymity, and constant availability of the Internet, email, texting, chatting and twittering has led to a new form of compulsive and dependent behavior. This sort of dependency is more prevalent in teens than... Read more »

Unusual Addictions Escalate Amongst Teens


Diana Calderon, Staff Writer
September 21, 2011

Statistics have shown that, over the course of the past twenty years, at least one in every eight Americans has some type of addiction. But what most people don’t know is that not all addictions are potentially harmful; some addictions are thought of as just ‘plain-out weird’ by some people. “The... Read more »