What’s Influencing Today’s Youth?

Briana Erickson
May 8, 2013  

History shows that people change over time: clothing fads, music styles, and television shows are enough to prove this. However, is today’s generation of children spiraling out of control? In what are considered “good neighborhoods”, girls as young as twelve and thirteen are becoming... Read More

The Serpents Behind Bullying In School

Briana Erickson, Co-Editor In Chief
March 6, 2013  

“Kids can be cruel…” These are the words that usually escape the mouths of our parents and elders as a remark to the torturous teenage escapades that go on during high school. Teenage brutality is expected in high school. We, as students, know more than anybody that “cruel” can be... Read More

Photo credit: Jessica Small

An Empty Resume

Briana Erickson, Co-Editor In Chief
November 16, 2012  

There’s the store. The product has been advertised for months. Today’s the big debut. Walking into the store, the tension builds. But, the truly desired product is nowhere to be seen. Looking left and right, the excitement turns to emptiness. It was never really here. It was all... Read More

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame: Child Stars Fade Out

Briana Erickson, Co-Editor In Chief
October 16, 2012  

Remember when all that came out of youngsters’ lips were the words “Hit me baby one more time!”?  These lyrics are from Britney Spears, who was once the obsession of young girls all around the country, nearly a decade ago. The spotlight shifts quickly when dealing with teenagers and... Read More

Fran Schmitt's Prom Picture Sized

The Ghosts of Proms Past

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
April 18, 2012  

Ever wondered what principal Crocetti looked like in his prime? To get you into the spirit of prom, The Wave has provided a collage of pictures of some of your favorite Wellington High School faculty members during their senior proms. Mrs. Brown Mrs. Docekal Principal Crocetti   Mrs.... Read More

human trafficking

WHS Teacher Tackles Human Trafficking

Briana Erickson, Arts and Entertainment Editor
April 1, 2012  

Angst. Fear. Terror. Slavery. In essence, these words describe the life of someone trapped. A person trapped in the hands of their greedy and malicious captors. This is real. It’s happening every minute of every hour of every day. It’s human trafficking. Like in the movie Taken, human trafficking... Read More

The Inspiration Behind Wellington’s National Scholastic Art Winners

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
March 15, 2012  

“I’m just plain lucky…” She wears a modest, welcoming smile. She wears wire- rimmed glasses and a shirt with a camera plastered on the front. And, she’s proud. Ms. Brubaker, or more properly known to the Art students as Ms. B, is excited. Her students have just outdone themselves... Read More

Award Winning Poets Visit WHS

Briana Erickson, Entertainment Editor
January 23, 2012  

A multitude of snaps erupted from the Wellington High School theatre Friday, January 20th, during sixth period. Wellington was lucky to be graced with the presence of two professional poets. In town for the eight annual Palm Beach County Poetry Festival in Delray Beach, Vanessa Hidary, also... Read More

Photo credit: Terah Kalk

Putting the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
November 22, 2011  

Ah.   There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh turkey in November.   Or stuffing.   Or the “melt in your mouth” mashed potatoes.   Or the cranberry sauce.   Or the ravishingly decorated cornucopia placed on the table.   And, let’s not forget the pumpkin... Read More

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 7.19.04 PM

“The Situation” with Jersey Shore

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
November 16, 2011  

It’s 9:59 on a Thursday night. The aroma of popcorn with extra butter. The comforting warmth of a Cheetah print Snuggie.  The faint, monotonous sound of commercials buzzing. 40 seconds. 30 seconds. 10. The most beloved hour of the week is about to commence. The hour where anticipation grows... Read More

Tabu Teen Club Arises in Wellington Area

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
October 18, 2011  

It’s eight ‘o’ clock on an ordinary Saturday night. Most teenagers in Wellington will make their way at some point on this ordinary Saturday night down the road to Froyolicious. There they will discuss potential ways to spend the night. They debate our few choices as frozen raspberry... Read More

Brittany B

Dedicated Student Nurses Abandoned Dogs

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor
September 29, 2011  

Imprinted on the front is a simple paw print. A jade green shirt that accompanies jeans and no-slip sneakers. On the back is the motto she lives by: “My favorite breed is an adopted breed.” An outfit that she has become accustomed to wearing five days a week.  And she wears it proudly... Read More