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2015-2016 The Wave Staff

Savannah Edwards

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Savannah. I am a lover of all things country and writing. I enjoy the thought of big cities becoming my home and watching Grey's Anatomy every night. I aspire to be someone legend- wait for it- DARY. Life is beautiful,... 

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Danielle Boyd

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Danielle Boyd, a freshman at Wellington High. I've ran track and played field hockey all of my life and this year I decided to try the newspaper! I'm also in DECA and Key Club. I am absolutely in love with clothes and... 

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Breanna White

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Breanna White and this is my first year at Wellington. I enjoy playing sports. I love animals and plan on being a veterinarian. I'm outgoing, and I like to try new things. Reading is a hobby of mine. I am funny, kind,... 

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Amanda Capote

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm also a senior here at Wellington High School. My interests include feminism and piña coladas. I spend my time writing for the Literary Magazine, learning about Marvel superheroes, and watching Parks and... 

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Emilie Sall

Press Release Editor

Emilie Sall here! I am a senior at Wellington High School. I am a born and raised Floridian and enjoy doing all things Florida in my spare time, such as "beaching," biking, and boating. My inspirations for writing come from Buzzfeed... 

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Elizabeth Deuschle

Staff Writer

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Deuschle, sophomore and first time member of newspaper. In my free tine I enjoy writing, drawing, and playing video games. Yet, when I'm not preoccupied with those things I love listening to music and surfing... 

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Marilene Rivas

Staff Writer

My name is Marilene Rivas and I am a hobbyist photographer; I enjoy writing and browsing through other photographers' images during my free time. I am interested in psychology and love to invest time into the "Myers Briggs 16... 

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Gabriel Sabol

Staff Writer

I'm Gabriel, Gabe for short. Generally I like writing, as long as it's on topics that aren't as dull as a butter knife. Drawing and anything that has anything to do with art interests me greatly. I love being able to build two-dimensional... 

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Gabriella Annino

Staff Writer

My name is Gabby. I am originally from New York,  but I moved to Florida a few months ago. I enjoy creative writing and photography. I love writing because I can express my feelings freely that way. Drawings is an outlet too.... 

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Zac Jacobson

News Editor

Hey guys! My name is Zac, and I'm super excited to be News Editor of The Wave! I am a freshman, and it's great to be here. As a member of the Bak MSOA Alumni, I was assistant editor-in-chief on their newspaper, The Portfolio. I am obs... 

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Taylor Green

Sports Editor

Hey, I'm Taylor! I am the new sports editor for the newspaper. I am an avid hockey fan and the Bruins will always be the best in my eyes. I love hiking and nature and hope to one day backpack the entire Appalachian Trail. I like... 

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Jazmin Alvarez

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Hi there, I'm Jazmin. You may be wondering why the biography, well that's so you can get to know me! I'm a proud nerd, who enjoys the spectacular creations of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Marvel and DC Comics, along with their... 

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Elana Marcus

Opinion Editor

Bonjour. My name is Elana and I am delighted to be the Opinion Editor of The Wave this year! When I am not busy forming opinions about things, I can be found writing poetry whilst indulging in a warm cup of tea, with my pinky out... 

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Erin Bryant


Hey. The name’s Erin. My typical weekend includes many books, lots of writing, and tons of pizza. I’m a geek extraordinaire; astronomy, zoology, and everything in between. Despite my aptitude for the sciences, creativity is... 

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Elisa Morris

Student Life Editor

Hi, my name is Elisa Morris.  I am a junior in the veterinary program here at Wellington. I enjoy reading books. My favorite series are Beautiful Creatures and Bad Girls Don't Die. I am multiracial, a spectacular combination of Af... 

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Wellington High School's Online News Publication - featuring news, sports, arts and entertainment, opinion, student life, video features, and more!