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2014-2015 The Wave Staff

Brett Pizzi

Assistant Editor

Hello! I'm Brett Pizzi, and this is my third year apart of the WHS Wave. I'm excited to be one of the head editors this year, and to be the head editor of the Opinion section. When I'm not ruling over the paper, I'm listening... 

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Brittany Le

Copy Editor

Hello there, I’m Brittany! I enjoy all things related to literature, creative writing, music, photography, and being a senior. I look forward to serving up some grammar tips as this year’s copy editor.

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Desirae Merritt

Staff Writer

My name is Desirae Merritt, I am a freshman here at Wellington High. I like to think of myself as multidimensional. I love Star Wars, comics, and a few other “nerdy” things. I’m hoping that my enthusiasm and passion for... 

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Taylor McGriff

Staff Writer

I'm Taylor McGriff, I'm a senior and I am dedicated to the challenge of trying something new everyday! No challenge or goal is out of reach! I enjoy great laughs, great food and great friends!

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Elana Marcus

Staff Writer

My name is Elana and I am quite excited for my first year on the newspaper staff. I love writing, mostly poetry, but I am open to different styles. I am a member of Literary Magazine and have been performing poetry since I was... 

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Noah Fouts

Staff Writer

My name is Noah Fouts. I just moved here from Oklahoma and can't wait to see what Wellington has to offer. My favorite sport is lacrosse. I also really like shows like Criminal Minds. I can't wait to see what the "news" has in... 

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Sebastian Escudero

Staff Writer

I am Sebastian Escudero. I am a sophomore at Wellington High School. This will be my first year writing for the WHS Wave. Some things I have an interest in are basketball, hip-hop, and hanging out with my friends. I love to analyze... 

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Christian Erie

Staff Writer

My name is Christian Erie. I am a sophomore at Wellington High School. Everyone knows I have all the "swagger" in the school. I am an honest (when I want to be), hardworking, and determined person. I play basketball for Wellington... 

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Daryl Denton

Staff Writer

I'm a sophomore at Wellington High School, journalist for the Wellington Wave Newspaper, full bred American, music junkie, and lover of the Earth.

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Adrianna Castro

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Adrianna Castro. Some of my interests include writing, and going on adventurous walks that have no destinations. I am a born and raised Floridian, but I have yet to get used to the unusual weather patterns that... 

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Angelica Capote

Staff Writer

Hi Wellington! My name is Angelica Capote, I am Senior, and this is my 1st and last year participating in the Wave (sadly I came late to the party). However, I still plan to bring all the great ideas and suggestions I can think... 

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Erin Bryant

Press Release Editor

Hey. The name’s Erin. My typical weekend includes many books, lots of writing, and tons of pizza. I’m a geek extraordinaire; astronomy, zoology, and everything in between. Despite my aptitude for the sciences, creativity is... 

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Jake Cutaia

Staff Writer

I’m Jake! I like to watch sports and movie. I like to read, write and be creative with everything I do. I collect baseball, hockey and football cards and I am a big New York Rangers fan. I would like to help and contribute in... 

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Johnathan Thompson

Student Life Editor

I'm Johnathan. I am the Student Life editor for the WHS Wave. I mainly write about events going on around the school such as the talent shows, plays, and school trips. I want to write stories that students are interested in and... 

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Valentina Franco

Assistant Editor

Known for her love of kale, Valentina Franco, has done her best to update the Wellington Wave with the juiciest of news-stories as this year's News-Editor. As a senior, she has gone to unsurpassable feats to write as many reviews... 

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A.J. Starkins

Staff Writer

Hey Wellington, my name is A.J. Starkins and I’m a junior looking forward to writing sports articles. I love to play volleyball, basketball, guitar, and a lot of other sports and instruments. I love cars, especially my ’63... 

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Elisa Morris

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Elisa Morris. I am a sophomore. I am enrolled in the vet program. I enjoy reading books. My favorite series is Beautiful Creatures and Bad Girls Don't Die. I am on the Blue Diamonds Varsity Step Team. I am multiracial;... 

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Ryan Day

Staff Writer

My name is Ryan and I like to write, play video games, watch anime, and movies. I mainly write reviews and student life pieces. My favorite show would have to be Hunter x Hunter and my favorite food is ramen. The news that I write... 

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Mya Mandell

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Hi, my name is Mya. And this year I'm a junior also making me Arts and Entertainment Editor. I've been on the paper for the past three years and have loved every minute of it. And I can't wait to see and read all of your beautiful... 

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Gabrielle Harris

Editor in Chief

Good morning, or evening or whatever time it is that you're reading this. My name is Gabrielle, but most people call me Gabi and I am very happy to say I am the Edtior-in-Chief of this years paper! I've been on the Wave ever... 

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