Brett Pizzi

I’m Brett Pizzi and I love music, jokes, and writing. When I’m not eating, sleeping, or running, I create my own comedic sketches and play guitar. I hope to be able to contribute to what’s going on the world through the newspaper while adding some humor throughout and helping create a website that everyone loves. I look forward to this coming year and being able to bring news to the school that they enjoy just as much as I do.

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Jake Cutaia

I’m Jake! I like to watch sports and movie. I like to read, write and be creative with everything I do. I collect baseball, hockey and football cards and I am a big New York Rangers fan. I would like to help and contribute in any way possible to help this newspaper be the best it can be.

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Kelsey Foster

My name is Kelsey Foster. And I am a senior. I’m a huge gamer, but my obsession is The Legend of Zelda. I love to make people laugh; I’ve won multiple Scholastic Awards for my humorous prose. I hope to go into the culinary field after high school so look out for my food truck!

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Johnathan Thompson

Hi, I am Johnathan Thompson. I am currently a junior at WHS and I hope to make this year’s Wellington Wave its best ever. I am currently in the Marketing Academy and I’ve been involved in debate. This year, I joined the cross country team as well. Although 99% of my time is mostly spent on schoolwork, I eventually find some to time to spend hanging out with friends, helping others, and playing video games. This is my first year writing for the newspaper and I hope to bring more information to the student mind of old and new readers.

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Valentina Franco

Hi everyone! My name is Valentina Franco, I’m a junior this year and it is also my first year participating in the Wave. I am Columbian-born, a vegan and a little too obsessed with Youtube and vloggers for my own sake. I love to write, mostly just about everything possible. I’m looking forward to writing for the Wave and I hope you enjoy it!

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A.J. Starkins

Hey Wellington, my name is A.J. Starkins and I’m a junior looking forward to writing sports articles. I love to play volleyball, basketball, guitar, and a lot of other sports and instruments. I love cars, especially my ’63 Ford Falcon. I don’t like rollercoasters, theme parks or anything like that. I have been called “eccentric” and “weird.” I am looking forward to this year on the WHS Wave staff!


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Elisa Morris

Hi, my name is Elisa Morris. I’m very excited to be writing for the newspaper. I’m in the vet program. I own two pets; one dog and a bird. I love to read. My two favorite series are Beautiful Creatures and Bad Girls Don’t Die. I’m a freshman; I went to Palm Springs Middle. I use to debate a little bit. Also, I play hand bells and I’m a beginner on piano. My hobbies are skateboarding, long boarding, exploring, and reading. My favorite color is blue. BATMAN RULES! I love Batman products. Ex: snapbacks, shirts, and shoes.

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Cassidy Flechaus

Hi there! My name is Cassidy. I am a junior and I play lacrosse, I am the future President so get ready! I love everything sparkly or yellow, or even maybe something yellow and sparkly! I’d love to converse with you in the future so feel free to talk to me whenever you wanna chat!

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Cagla Koc

Hola, fellow peers. I’m Cagla (Chala), a sophomore who is so thrilled to be writing for the Wave this year. I intend to bring my sense of humor into my writing in hopes of making you laugh and enjoy reading the newspaper, as much as I love writing for it. I have a passion for reading and writing my own little short stories and poetry as well. Fancy that someday I can share them with anyone who (along with me) loves to escape into a whole new world or just has a weakness for a great read. But in the meantime, my goal is to entertain you with my witty articles in the Wave.  Hope you enjoy!



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Ryan Day

Hello, I am Ryan. I joined Journalism because I saw it on my course selection sheet and it seemed the most interesting. I live and breathe to be the best journalist I can be. This is my first year on the staff and I’m excited to do all kinds of articles. Hope you like them!


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Alex Bonadies

My name is Alex and I’m finally a senior! I’ve attended Wellington for all of high school. I play soccer and run track both in school and out of school. I am 5 feet tall (I embrace my shortness). I have two dogs and a cat. One of my dogs is a Great Dane and when I was little I rode him in the park (no dogs were harmed in the making of my childhood). I despise math but I love science. For college, I want to go to UCF, FAU, or FGCU but I’m not picky. A bad habit of mine is biting my nails, so I currently have almost no nails.

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Juliana Diatezua

Evening, I am Juliana Diatezua, high school senior here at Wellington High School. With a background in debate, Literary Magazine, and competitive poetry contests, it only made sense that a new writing endeavor for me would be the newspaper. My interests find themselves in the minor details: typefaces, grammar books, and independent films focused on dialogue -a resume presumably highly suited for Copy Editor. While it is my first year taking part in the Wave, I have nothing but confidence that I can become an active part of the well-respected team.

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Jessica Parenti

My name is Jessica Parenti! I am a senior this year. I love extra cheesy pizza and the Mass Effect series more than I really should. I want to major in women’s studies and maybe also in art/design in college. I’m a dedicated member of Lit Mag—I have been in the program for two years now. I’d like to be able to voice my thoughts and opinions more and that is why I joined Newspaper!

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Selia Vargas

Hey Wolverines! My name is Selia. I’m currently a senior in the Veterinary Academy at Wellington High School. Some things I enjoy doing during my free time are drawing, reading, writing and volunteering. I’m very compassionate, love watching sports and I am such an animal lover. I joined the Wellington Wave to hopefully help get more news about the school and share it with student body.

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Tyler Alexander

Hi, I’m Tyler Alexander and I’m a junior here at Wellington High School.  This is my third year on the Wellington Wave staff, and my second as Sports Editor. This year, I look forward to improving the sports section and making it the best it can possibly be. In my free time, I enjoy watching and playing sports with friends. Some of my favorite teams include the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Heat, and Syracuse Orange. When I graduate from WHS I hope to attend Syracuse University for Sports Journalism.  I’m looking forward to a great year of sports for Wellington High School.

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Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 1.23.55 PM

Sabrina Abesamis

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”
-Oscar Wilde

            Despite these conditions, I avidly seek the truth and this newspaper is my means of sharing it. My name is Sabrina and I am honored, overjoyed, and supremely blessed to be this paper’s Editor-in-Chief. I hope to make my third year on this staff and senior year at WHS my best yet and I can’t wait to help produce our reports on truth.

On a side note, you may address me as

Queen Editor.

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Sydney Rogalsky

Hey there, everybody! My name’s Sydney, and it’s my second year on the newspaper! I’m the A&E editor this year and I’m so excited. I’ll be posting lots of movie reviews so check back often for those! This year’s going to be absolutely fantastic and I can’t wait!

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Mya Mandell

Hi, the name’s Mya. I’m really outgoing and pretty loud at times. I have an obsession with the beach and British Youtubers. Once I get to know you, I can be quite insane so watch out. I talk to strangers just like my mother always told me not to and I’m always making strange noises for no apparent reason, but enough about my personality. Writing is my passion and I find myself on the computer most of the time just typing pointless stories because it’s what I love doing. This is my second year in newspaper and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Mallory Cortellesso

My name is Mallory. I am a senior and this is my second year on the Wellington Wave. This year  I am the Assistant Media Editor. I hope to contribute to the paper and help make it better this year. I have high expectations for this year’s staff and I hope we can accomplish as much as we possibly can.

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Savana Freyman

Hi everyone, I’m Savana and this is my second year in newspaper and my first year as Student Life Editor. As a senior, I have high expectations for this year and plan to dedicate my time to make it very memorable.

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Lauren Alsina

Hi my name’s Lauren Alsina and I am a senior at Wellington High School. I’m a second year staff member and the Multi- Media Editor for the Wave. I’m a photographer and writer in my spare time.

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Madison Dalton

My name is Madison Dalton and I am incredibly honored and excited to be serving as Opinion Editor for the WHS Wave this year.  I am a senior and this is my third year on the staff.  My passions are art and writing. I therefore find it quite convenient that I plan to double-major in literature and painting in college. In addition to being an editor for the Wave, I am the Lieutenant Governor of our local division of Key Club, a volunteer service and leadership organization for high school students.  I am also a captain on the WHS debate team and a member of National Honors Society. In order to relax, I run slowly. (I used to try to run quickly, but stopped, as that was not relaxing.) I hope you enjoy our paper!

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Gabrielle Harris

Hi everyone! My name’s Gabi; it’s my third year on the Wave and I’m excited for the year ahead of us!

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Abbygail Reid

Hello Wolverines! Tis’ my third year on staff and my last year at Wellington High School. As I joyfully fill the position of  Managing Editor, I intend on organizing our staff in such a way  that phenomenal journalistic material is the output. I really hope you enjoy reading the WHS Wave.

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