Fun Study Tips

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Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer
April 16, 2014

Many high school students find it hard to concentrate while studying, or even to get the motivation to start studying. Some students create ways to bribe themselves to study longer each day. “I put my phone at the end of each section of notes so I tell myself I can check it only when I’m done with... Read more »

Spring Lights Audition

Johnathan Thompson
April 16, 2014

Spring Lights is around the corner. Many students came in to show off their unique talents to audition for the show. “We try to seek out unique talent –talent that wouldn’t be seen anywhere else.” said judge, Diego Zamaramo, senior. The other judge, Jessi Parenti, senior, added, “Performers... Read more »

What the Duck

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Mya Mandell, Staff writer
April 15, 2014

The ugly duckling is one of the most known stories about a duck. The fairytale is a literal story written by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen back in 1805. Since then, the tale has been transformed into plays, and operas. Ducks are a common animal found all around Florida and play more... Read more »

The New Age of Gender

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Mya Mandell, Staff Writer
April 15, 2014

When asking a preschool student to describe a firefighter or construction worker, the pronoun “he” is generally the only one the child can think to use in this situation. Sadly, Fewer then 4 percent of firefighters in the U.S are women. This is a common example of gender roles in American society. Gender... Read more »

HTC (Number) One

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Johnathan Thompson
April 4, 2014

HTC has introduced the next generation of the HTC One. The HTC One M8 was recently unveiled to the public and it now serves as HTC’s new flagship smartphone to rival the handsets of Apple and Samsung. The aesthetics of the HTC One M8 resembles true quality with an all-metal body surrounding the major... Read more »

The Random Roommate Shuffle

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Savana Freyman, Student Life Editor
March 31, 2014

The anxiety that stems from college roommate selection affects many students who plan on living on campus during their freshmen year of college. Many universities have you fill out a detailed questionnaire before they place you in a room. They ask your likes, dislikes, ethnicity, habits, sleeping patterns,... Read more »

Weekly Cutest Pet Contest

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Sabrina Abesamis, Editor-in-Chief
March 31, 2014

The WHS Wave is pleased to introduce our new weekly Cutest Pet Contest. Check our website every Monday to view our winners! Week of March 31-April 4, 2014 Congratulations to our winners, Kelsie Boudreau, senior, and her dog Bailey! Week of March 10-14, 2014 Congratulations to Angela Arena, senior,... Read more »

From Start to Finish


Elisa Morris, Staff Writer
March 28, 2014

Has anyone ever wondered how much a senior’s mind has changed over the years? They are just like other people, except always changing and reinventing themselves.Freshman year it’s difficult, to adjust to everything and everyone. “Well I transferred to Wellington in the middle of my freshman... Read more »

The Price of Prom

Pricey Prom

Savana Freyman, Student Life Editor
March 13, 2014

Prom is the one magical night that teenagers look forward to all year. The preparations for the big night start months in advance. Unfortunately, this magical night can come with quite a large price tag, and for some students it’s just more than they can spend. The tickets to attend prom... Read more »

Faces of Wellington High

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Lauren Alsina, Multi Media Editor
March 10, 2014

        “What were you guys talking about?” “…” “Step Brothers.”     St. Baldrick’s.     “Write something about us being the cutest couple.”     “Can you write ‘Love Birds’... Read more »

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