Don’t Intoxicate Your Best Friend!

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Valentina Franco, Staff Writer
March 12, 2014

With a recent surge in the substance abuse among the teenagers of The United States. According to the “Casa Columbia”, three-quarters of high school students have used addictive substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana; additionally, 46 percent of all high school students currently use... Read more »

Phone Addiction


Selia Vargas, Staff Writer
March 10, 2014

Most students at Wellington High School are very attached to their cellular device. “Those who use their phone constantly, more than three hours a day, have a higher chance of getting nomophobia” Sanjay Dixit, researcher said. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your cellphone. Cellphones... Read more »

A Non-Belieber’s Take on Celebrity Bullying

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Sabrina Abesamis, Editor-in-Chief
February 11, 2014

“What’s the difference between a Justin Bieber CD and a mosquito? If you slap a mosquito, it will stop sucking. Why is Justin Bieber so pale? Because there’s no light in the closet. I really hope it’s the end of the world tomorrow. Sure everybody will be dead, but look on the bright side, so... Read more »

Where’d My Pockets Go?

girls pocket piece

Mya Mandell, Staff Writer
December 17, 2013

Not every girl likes to wear frilly dresses or skirts all the time; they might decide to be stylish in pants instead. Skinny jeans, regular jeans, shorts all of these seem to have one thing in common: pathetic pockets. The pockets on girls pants are small, insignificant and most definitely inconvenient.... Read more »

What to Wear During Winter

winter fasion

Mya Mandell, Staff Writer
December 17, 2013

With December having arrived, one would expect a large drop in temperature. In reality, the lowest it might get down in Florida is maybe 60 degrees. So what does a person even wear during this not so white winter? With the weather always being so unpredictable in this tropical state of sunshine the temperature... Read more »

Pocketful of Inequality

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Sabrina Abesamis, Editor-in-Chief
December 11, 2013

Ushering in an age of plunging necklines and dresses that seem to grope rather than simply hug curves, women’s fashion has come a long way since the days of stiff collars and modest petticoats. Gowns gave way to bloomers, ultimately leading up to the modern skinny jeans populating the halls of WHS.... Read more »

Thanksgiving May No Longer be a Holiday


Johnathan Thompson, Staff Writer
November 27, 2013

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving may be a “thing of the past” in the time to come. Many people don’t seem to care as much about spending time with their families as they used to. Instead, they would rather wait in line for hours to get the hottest gifts for Christmas or Chanukah It looks like Thanksgiving... Read more »

Some Teens Awaiting Family for Holidays Would “Prefer Biting a Brick”

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Juliana Diatezua, Copy Editor
November 26, 2013

As Thanksgiving dinner looms dangerously close, the disregard for “turkey day” by most mainstream corporations hasn’t been enough to keep WHS students from being painfully aware of the approaching holiday. Teens of all ages wait in anxious anticipation for their parents and guardians alike to awaken... Read more »

The Future of PC Gaming

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Jessica Parenti, Staff Writer
November 22, 2013

There is much controversy concerning console games and PC games. PC gaming has been on the rise for quite some time now and has been considered to be a cheaper, and smarter method to gaming. Many individuals are showing a strong interest in PC gaming giving it a chance to become a preferred platform... Read more »

Video Games and Violence

Jessica Parenti, Staff Writer
October 30, 2013

Society will always try and point fingers at anything in order to place blame on things that they do not understand. Since the 1980’s, scientists have been studying whether or not video games are the culprits behind adolescent violence and crime. Contrary to many beliefs supporting the idea that aggression... Read more »

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